3 Steps to Define Your SEO Program’s Target Audience

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Do you understand your target audience? Like, do you truly know who your audience is? Many businesses have a hazy sense of who their target customer is and what they want, but they haven’t taken the time to investigate it.

In this post, I’ll discuss why it’s critical to define your target audience, as well as how to figure out who they are and what they want.

Why Does Understanding Your Target Audience Matter in SEO?

There has recently been discussion that personal identification is a waste of effort. Personal identification, in my opinion, has been used in marketing for decades, long before the internet. Even if it is not correctly labeled, it is an important aspect of marketing.

Let’s take fishing as an example. You need two things to capture fish: the bait your fish are eating, and you need to fish where the fish are. You get both with correct personal identification. You may dismiss it as insignificant, but then you aren’t having fish for supper.

You want your website to appear in search results when your target audience searches for what you provide using a search engine. You must use the proper bait and place it where your fish can see it. This is evident to me.

You have a lower probability of succeeding if you don’t know what your target audience is looking for. When visitors arrive at your website, if you don’t have the correct material that speaks to them, it might have a negative influence on your conversions.

Who is my target audience, and what do they want?

Here are three steps you may take to get to the heart of the issue: Who is my target audience and what do they want?

  1. Statistics

Create a profile of your target audience (you may have more than one) by investigating the data points listed below and others.

If you’re aiming for a consumer:

  • Gender can influence purchasing habits.
  • Age can influence purchasing decisions.
  • Your marketing strategy is influenced by their location.
  • Your audience’s priorities may be influenced by their marital status.
  • Your education level can help you communicate with them more effectively.
  • Occupation data allows for more focused marketing.
  • Income enables you to determine the degree of investment they are willing to make.
  • Beliefs help you grasp what is important to them.
  • Another technique to analyze and target your audience with appropriate messaging is through lifestyle.

If you’re looking for business:

  • Industry
  • Products or services
  • Annual income
  • Age of the company
  • Location
  • Employees’ number
  • The company’s key decision-makers (roles)

Even if a firm is your target audience, you will be targeting certain positions inside that organization (like a consumer). As a result, getting to the heart of what those decision-makers desire will be critical. (We’ll get to that eventually.)

This type of market research can be obtained in a variety of methods. There are firms out there who specialize in this sort of work.

There’s also your Google Analytics account, which may provide you with valuable information on the people who are already visiting your website

If you’re using Google Analytics’ Universal Analytics version, audience reports may show you everything from demographics and interests to geography, devices utilized, and more.

  1. Keywords

Search engines are typically used as a beginning point for individuals to find products, companies, or services, as well as throughout the consideration process. Forrester Consulting study shows:

  • Seventy-one percent begin their search for information with search engines.
  • Search engines are used by 74% of people while making a decision or purchasing something.

Keywords are search queries that your target audience uses to locate what they are looking for in search engines.

You must understand such search phrases in order to produce content for your website based on them. This assists search engines in determining whether your website is a good fit for what your target audience is looking for.

Without this crucial step in determining what your audience wants, your website may never be found.

  1. Personal interviews

Taking a sample of your target audience and interviewing them is one of the finest methods to get to know them. This might be done through an online survey or by phone.

Make sure to obtain a sample that represents all of your target clients, as it may differ depending on the product or service. Then, create questions to assist you get inside their heads.

Suggests asking queries like as:

  • Why do people decide to purchase or subscribe to your product, service, or other solution?
  • How do people analyze their alternatives before they decide to buy or join up?
  • What keeps people from purchasing or joining up?
  • What outcomes do they anticipate from purchasing or subscribing to your product, service, or other solution?

You may also get insights by better knowing their online activities, such as:

  • What magazines do they read?
  • What websites do they visit?
  • On social media, who do they follow?
  • What are the characteristics of their active social media profiles?

Another option for qualitative research is to ask a sample of your target audience for comments on their website experience. There are firms that can assist you with this sort of research.

For example, you may discover whether:

  • Is it simple for customers to locate what they need on your website?
  • The material on your website is useful.
  • The site is simple to use on any device.
  • They are delighted with the customer service choices available to them.

Create your personas next.

It’s time to develop the persona profiles after you’ve obtained the essential data about your target audience utilizing some or all of the research processes discussed in this article. You will have one of these for each category of person you intend to target.

A persona is a stereotype of your intended audience. You will refer to it repeatedly when you generate content and other SEO activities to ensure that your efforts are relevant to that archetype.

The actual persona profile may be created in a variety of methods, but it is often a one-page (or more) document that summarizes the material you uncovered throughout your study.

If you search for “persona profile examples,” you’ll receive a slew of graphic suggestions.

In SEO, your target audience and their journey are important.

SEO is an important component of the client journey.

A customer journey, also known as a buyer journey or consumer choice path, is the series of actions that a person takes before deciding to purchase a product, sign up for a service, or convert in some other way.

Of course, people’s behavioral intent might change as they progress through the customer journey. Most consumers begin with an informational goal, then progress through the study and inquiry phases before deciding to buy (the transactional intent phase).

Understanding your personality should be supplemented, not replaced, by behavioral purpose categories. Knowing your target demographic is the first step in ensuring that your SEO efforts are on target, bringing in the proper organic search traffic and converting your visitors.

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