5 Air Compressor Components That Are Required for Operation

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Compressed air is an expensive investment for any company. To get the most out of it, like with any investment, you must ensure that it is operating on the greatest parts and equipment. The air compressor parts you choose for your equipment may have an impact on how well it operates.

The components listed below are critical to the smooth running of the system. These components may be obtained from a reliable air compressor sales and servicing firm.

Here is 5 air compressor components:

  1. Filtering

The proper filter keeps your compressed air system clean. This can help to extend the life of your compressed air system while also improving air quality. The proper air filter will protect other parts from deteriorating and will lessen the amount of maintenance required.

However, filters must be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis in order to function properly. Both your inlet air filter and oil filter should be top of your priority list. They are one of the most important air compressor parts because of all they perform.

  1. Separator of Air and Oil

You presumably already know what an air oil separator accomplishes. This item functions as a filter, separating compressed air from compressor oil. It is the essential component that keeps your compressor lubricated and free of pollution.

  1. Flexible hoses

The hose must fit your compressor correctly and be adequate for your purpose. A hose that is too lengthy will waste energy, while a hose that is too short will limit the productivity of your personnel. Hoses can also deteriorate with time, resulting in bends and kinks that lead to air leakage.

The gauge of the hose determines its durability, and certain hoses are better suited to specific uses than others. When it comes to running your air compressor as effectively as possible, you must consider hoses.

  1. Air dryers

Moisture is produced during the compressed air process. An air dryer keeps moisture away from the compressed air system’s critical components and equipment. Water in the incorrect places of your compressed air system can damage the pipework, cylinders, air valves, and other machine components. Make certain that you select a dryer that is appropriate for your machine and application. This may lessen the need for future repairs.

  1. Regulators 

The pressure of an air compressor is quite important. If it is greater than what you require, you are using (and paying for) surplus energy. This results in larger expenses, but it also puts additional strain on your compressed air system and other components. Your air compressor and its components will not last as long as you would want.

Pressure regulators change pressure to fit the needs of your instrument or attachment. This ensures that you are not overburdening your system.

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