Eyelid Surgery Malaysia


Eyelid is a condition where your upper eyelid is lowered. As you age, your lower eyelids often start to decline due to the decreased muscle strength that controls the eyelids. However, when it comes down to the upper eyelid, your eyesight can be disrupted.


What increases my risk for eyelid?

  • Aging
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Horner syndrome
  • Brain tumor
  • The doctor will perform a physical examination and inquire about medical history. Once you have explained how often the eyelids go down and how often this condition has occurred, the doctor will perform some tests to see the cause.
  • Slit-lamp examination: Slit lamp examination can be done so that your doctor can see your eyes clearly with the help of high-intensity light. Your eyes can widen for this examination, you may find it a little uncomfortable.
  • Tensilon test: Doctors can inject a drug called Tensilon (generic name edrophonium) into one of the veins. You may be asked to close your eyes or perform other eye movements that use eye muscles. Your doctor will monitor you to see if Tensilon improves muscle strength. This can help determine if a muscle problem is the cause of this condition.
  • Visual field test

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