How To Target The Keywords Of Your Competitors

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Did you realize you may target the same terms as your competitor?

You may, however, bid on your rivals’ branded keywords in Google to have your webpage appear on the same Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as your competitors.

Bidding for context entails making a specific number of bids as well as developing advertising that will have your website show when viewers search for your rivals, most notably through their business names.


To take traffic away from your competitors

Because your selling points may outperform your competitors in terms of various variables such as pricing, visitors who initially looked for your competitor’s website may be drawn to yours and see yours instead, stealing traffic from your competitors.

To reach a certain audience

Most of the time, your rivals’ target audience will be comparable to yours. As a result, you might try to target your audience, such as those who detest your rivals’ prices or quality, in order for them to visit your website instead.

In response to a company bidding on a competitor’s keyword

Several other corporations may have bid on your company without your knowledge. View the SERPs by putting in your brand name. As a consequence, you may counteract it by bidding on the competitor’s branded term if required, or if you believe your selling arguments are far superior to theirs, and the results may surprise you.

Do not be scared to bid on your rivals’ branded keywords as long as:

  1. The ad wording does not feature any branded objects from a rival.
  2. Display URLs include no trademarked phrases.
  3. Ads do not attempt to deceive users about the provenance of a product.

It allows you to appear on the same SERPs and platforms as your rivals.

Bidding on a competitor’s branded keywords entails setting bids and developing advertisements that will allow your organization to show when a consumer searches for a competitor.

There are several reasons why a business could bid on a competitor’s branded keywords, including/;

  • to take traffic away from a rival
  • to target a certain demographic
  • in response to a corporation bidding on a competitor’s keyword

Google’s trademark and advertising policy state unequivocally that bidding on competitor’s keywords is permissible as long as:

  • The ad language does not contain any trademarked phrases of a rival.
  • Display URLs include no trademarked phrases.
  • Ads do not attempt to deceive users about the provenance of a product.

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