Industrial Exhaust Fan Malaysia

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The importance of exhaust fans for production safety

For the safety of industrial exhaust fan production, the importance of product supply is also clear. At large ceremonies the role of the industrial exhaust fan is particularly significant. Let’s look at the industrial exhaust fan.

Where to give an example, at the car paint shop on the grinding and painting process will look like dust, paint particle freshener and organic solvent volatiles in these toxic substances contain many formaldehyde. Long term relationships with formaldehyde can cause mouth, nose, trachea, esophagus, liver, heart and other parts of the disease and cancer. So the industrial exhaust fans for production workshops are important.

The exhaust fan industry is for exhaust fan, exhaust fan generally air circulation internally, it should be so that internal solvents can be removed quickly after evaporation, to prevent the indoor air content solvent is too high, causing an explosion or poisoning exhaust fan driven by an electric fan for twisting air to promote airflow, so that indoor and outdoor air exchange class air conditioning equipment. The exhaust is intended to remove internal dirty air, adjusting temperature, humidity and sensory effects.

The exhaust fan ventilation method has been released, sucked, and used three. Release from natural airborne withdrawals through air exhaust fan exhaust; Dihydu by inhalation of fresh air ventilation fans from natural exhaust ports of air gross emission; and the use of suction and exhaust type by aeration fan to complete. The exhaust fan is a type of axial fan. Mostly used in negative ventilation pressures and cooling works and called exhaust fans. Exhaust fan with large air duct diameter, large exhaust volume, ultra low power consumption, low speed, low noise and so on.

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