The difference between Short Tail and Longtail SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a rapidly growing strategy that boosts brand awareness and drives organic website traffic. To successfully implement this approach, having keywords is essential as they cater to internet users seeking relevant information.

That way, the content and website can of course get the desired traffic. In practice, there are actually two types of keywords in the world of SEO, namely Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords and this is always applied by SEO practitioners or SEO service providers.

The difference between Short Tile and Long Tail SEO

Discover the contrasting uses and weaknesses of these two keyword types. Depending on your goals, both types can be viable options. So, what sets them apart? Let’s explore the explanations below.

Short Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords are the type of keywords that are actually the most used today. Usually, short tail keywords have a maximum of three words. It could also be under that, but still a maximum of three words. Why is this type of keyword widely used? Because of the relatively high number of search volumes. This means that many people are looking for information with these short tail keywords.

But with this condition, in terms of competition, it is also high. So the competition that is created can make you have to be more able to maximize the content that is created. Then focusing on the keywords themselves, of course, it’s not very good because the focus becomes unclear. The keywords used are counted as a float. In addition, the conversion rate is also relatively low. Examples of short tail keywords such as gyms, fitness classes, buy books online, and others. Customize keywords with your business.

Long Tail Keywords

The opposite of short tail keywords is long tail keywords. You could say long tail keywords are the opposite of short tail. There is only a slight difference between the two, but both are quite influential. Long tail keywords are types of keywords that have more than three words. With this, the content created can be more targeted or more detailed, getting to the point, compared to short tails which are more floating.

In addition, another advantage is that competition on search engines is also lower, so your content can be found more easily by users. Then the conversion rate is definitely higher than using a short tail.

However, there are still disadvantages to this type of keyword and it is also risky, namely the search volume is relatively small. This means that only a few are looking for these long tail keywords. This is what makes many people prefer to use short tail keywords compared to long tail.

Those are the differences between long tail keywords and short tail keywords that can learn together.  Don’t limit your optimization to just one type of keyword – understanding their differences, merits, and drawbacks is crucial for successful SEO. Diversify your keyword strategy for optimal results and long-term success. If you only use one type of keyword, then the optimization is not optimal because it returns to the first point, namely that both have advantages and disadvantages.

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