Things to Look Before Buying a Photocopier

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Photocopying machines  are machines that are needed to support work activities, one of which is office work that requires photocopying hundreds of documents. In addition, the photocopy business in Malaysia is very profitable because many people need photocopiers in their daily lives.

Before you buy a photocopy machine for both work and business needs, it’s good to pay attention to what things should be considered before buying a copier. Below are various things that we must consider before buying a copier:

  • Work Needs

This is the first factor that must be considered before making a purchase. Do not let it happen when you have bought things but are not used anymore, it will be a waste. We recommend that before buying, you first think about whether the tool is really needed for work.

For example, the tools needed to support work are photocopiers, because photocopiers have two uses, namely; as a business tool (copy service / copy center) and for business / office support purposes.

Photocopiers have their own specifications in use. The photocopier used for this business is a type of machine that must have a high speed of at least 50 cpm (copies per minute), while those below 50 cpm are usually suitable for office use.

The copy speed per minute affects the quality produced, the slower the cpm the better the quality produced even though they both have a resolution of 600 dpi (dots per inch).

  • Photocopy Machine Brand

There have been many brands that have entered the Malaysia industry. Call it Canon, Xerox, Ricoh, Toshiba, Sharp, Gestetner etc. Brands on machines are usually related to engine components, supply of spare parts, supplier choices and technician capabilities. It is important to know what brands other people use the most. This is due to the limited knowledge of photocopiers in Malaysia and it can also indicate:

  1. Low operational costs.
  2. The availability of a lot of spare parts so you don’t have trouble finding spare parts.
  3. Competitive spare parts and toner prices are fairly cheap.
  • Machine

There are 2 types of photocopiers that are sold in Malaysia, namely: new and reconditioned photocopiers. The most striking difference from that difference is of course in terms of price. The price of reconditioned machines only reaches 10% of the new price. This is what makes the photocopy business last longer and grows.

  • Supplier

Suppliers, namely dealers or representatives appointed to sell or distribute machines by their authorized distributors. Because consumers may feel more comfortable buying from these companies because they get goods with an official guarantee even though the price paid is much higher.

Now, to make it easier, here are some suggestions that must be considered before choosing a supplier / seller:

1. Choose the Right Company

Choose a company that has been in business for a long time in the photocopying field. This shows that the seller is experienced and already has a good work system so that he can survive in his business.

2. Research and Learn First

If you buy used goods, of course it may not be as good as the original, so we have to be more careful in choosing goods. Don’t be easily tempted by the prices offered by suppliers at very cheap prices. Because it could be that the quality of the machine is not good enough that it can result in high repair costs. It would be better if we check prices with several suppliers / sellers first to find out the market price, and avoid buying items that are too cheap or too expensive.

3. Pay attention to the machine warranty

Guarantee is very important in buying a copier for beginners and those who already master the machine. Reconditioned machine sellers usually have their own standard warranty, from 1 year, 6 months, 3 months warranty, even there is a term “assistive warranty” (assisted if there is a problem without doing routine checks). The length of the warranty period does not guarantee that the reconditioned machine is of good quality, the most important thing is the consistency of the technician in carrying out routine checks and the provision of spare parts.

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