Types and Sizes of Toilet Flush Valve

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A flush valve is a component within a toilet tank that directs water into the bowl. Toilet flush valves range in size from 2 to 4 inches, depending on the toilet design. If you are considering purchasing a new toilet, consider the sort of flush valve it has. Larger valves often flow water quicker, resulting in a better flush.

When replacing the flush valve in an existing toilet, make sure you buy the right valve for the job. Typically, you must stay to the size that is currently present. If the flush valve is an unusual size, such as 3.5 inches, consider contacting the toilet manufacturer for a new valve. They may end up sending you a free flush valve.

The numerous flush valve options for your toilet bowl are shown below.

Normal Flush Valve

A conventional flush valve is found on the majority of toilets. This is a simple 2-inch flush valve and flapper that raises up when the toilet lever is pushed down. Low-flow toilets and certain older toilets with huge tanks may have standard flush valves. Changing a flush valve in a conventional toilet is a very simple repair that most homeowners can complete. If you have a running toilet and have changed the flapper but water is still leaking from the tank, your toilet may require a new flush valve.

Flush Valve 3-Inch

A bigger flush valve allows water to flow more quickly into the bowl and down the drain. The flushing power differential between a 2-inch and a 3-inch flush valve can be significant, and the bigger valve can generate a better flush with considerably less water. There are several excellent toilets that use only 1.28 gallons each flush and have a 3-inch flush valve. A 3-inch valve is the same as a regular flush valve; it is simply a bigger valve. Several manufacturers sell 3-inch universal flush valves that should function well.

3-Inch Tower-Style Flush Valve

The 3-inch tower flush valve, like the 3-inch flapper-style flush valve, has a 3-inch aperture in the tank where the water enters the bowl. While a flapper partly obstructs the valve opening, a tower-style valve enables water to exit the tank unhindered (360-degree flow), resulting in a speedier flush. Changing the seal on a tower style flush valve is similar to changing a flapper.

Flush Valve 4-Inc

The 4-inch flush valve is the biggest and often incorporates a piston that rises up to allow water to exit the tank 360 degrees. This flush valve distributes water into the bowl quicker than any other style of valve, resulting in high flushing power while using relatively little water.

The Dual-Flush Valve

A dual-flush valve allows you to perform a half flush and a full flush using the same valve. Some dual-flush valves are controlled by a handle, which provides a half flush when pushed up and a full flush when pulled down. Other dual-flush valves have two buttons: one for a half flush and the other for a full flush. There are also dual-flush valves designed to transform a standard toilet into a water-saving toilet. Installing and utilising a dual-flush valve can result in considerable annual water savings.

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