What are the benefits of using a submersible pump?

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If you need to do some repair work around your property, you may need to remove excess water from certain areas. This is where a submersible pump can come in handy, as these can be used to move liquid from one area to another.

Submersible pumps are a kind of centrifugal pump connected to an electric motor. The pump is submerged in the water and stays there until the job has been completed.

Their motors are designed specifically to prevent water from leaking into them, so there is no risk of water damage. In addition to this, the danger of electrocution is also lowered. 

Hiring this kind of pump has some other great advantages if you need to drain water from your property.

More efficient

By nature, submersible pumps are closer to the job at hand and are therefore able to expend less effort to do the same job compared to above ground pumps. They are placed right in the water rather than on a dry area and there is no need to worry that they will get wet or suffer the effects of water damage.


Submersible pumps are lightweight and easily portable, so there is no need to worry about getting them from the hire location to where they are needed.


In a residential setting noise is often a great concern, so it can be a relief that these pumps are quieter than the alternative. This is because they are submerged under water so any noise is prevented from spreading.


Submersible pumps are a great, safe option for any maintenance around the home as the dangerous components of the pump are well hidden underwater . This  prevents children from easily tampering with them, which can be a hazard for above-ground pumps.

However, while using a submersible pump it is still recommended you keep an eye on children and pets to ensure they are kept at a safe distance to prevent any harm.

Submersible pumps are also safe from electrical shorts as water is prevented from leaking into the unit by a hermetically sealed watertight gasket.

Less prep work

Submersible pumps do not need to be primed before use, which gives you more time to complete your project, rather than prepare your equipment.

Long power cords

Since submersible pumps are designed to work underwater, they come complete with long insulated power cords.

This means you can plug it in even when the power point is located a distance away from your work site.

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