4 Mistakes You Make Makes Your Laptop Slow

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Why is the laptop so slow? Frequently asked questions by laptop users. How to use a laptop can affect the performance of your laptop. It can also make your laptop slower than before.

What Causes Laptop Slow?

  1. The amount of RAM is too low
  2. Viruses and Malware
  3. Too many applications in the background
  4. Damaged hard disk

First Mistake: Install many applications

What we usually do after buying a new laptop, install the software we will use. However, some programs will run in the background and it will make our laptop slower.

All you have to do is disable startup and even remove applications that you will not use.

Second Mistake: Never reboot or restart

This restart or reboot will refresh your laptop and will improve the performance of your laptop.

Third Mistake: Press or download at will

Before we press or download, we need to make sure that the downloaded link and file does not contain malware or viruses which can then cause our laptop to slow down.

Fourth Mistake: Never do maintenance

Fragmentation will occur when we use the hard disk on the laptop. And the way to solve this problem is to use Disk Defragmenter. It will organize your files and make time for your data access faster.

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