5 Reasons Why Have an Outdoor Wedding

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The various wedding venues are increasingly diverse. Weddings are not only carried out at home or in buildings, but have started to spread to places that were previously unusual, such as: restaurants, parks, beaches, or fields. The choice of wedding venue is usually made based on various considerations. For couples with large living quarters, parties can be held at home. For those who want to receive it, just book the building.

  • No need to pay for tent rental. Just use a natural tent from the shade of the trees.

Choose a venue that is located in a garden and shady area. It is even more fitting if you carry out the wedding in the morning or evening considering we live in a tropical area so it is not too hot. Saying the promise of the contract in front of the green nature, who doesn’t want to?

However, it should be noted that your program takes place during the rainy seasons. Make sure you have a backup plan in place, such as bringing guests to a shaded venue. Or preparing an umbrella can also be an idea, you know.

  • Events are more intimate because guests can greet each other, and you can really mingle with guests.

If it is a conventional invitation, guests usually come to grab a souvenir-shake-eat-go home. Try replacing this plot with: coming-grabbing souvenirs-meeting chatting with the bride and groom-listening to live music-joking with other guests-going home. In the previous point, this article agrees that a simple aisle is good. Then continue that kindness by just mingling with the guests. Simple.

  • If the show is evening or at night, you can add a romantic glow to make your wedding more sweeter.

The addition of this lamp will be easier to realize if your wedding venue is done outdoors. Also add the lights of your own creation. The fuel doesn’t have to use electricity. Try for example using oil or funny candles. A nice party doesn’t have to rent a lot of electricity.

  • Outdoor wedding, meaning there is no need to wear strange footwear.

Outdoor venues mean less possibility of wearing footwear that pricks the ground. Unless you want to burrow into the grass. You can use the addition of a footwear leveling tool like in the example image, Guys. Or if your party is on the beach, wearing sandals can also be like the example below:

  • Feel the sensation of listening to live music, memorable songs together outdoors.

Music blends with nature. Maybe this is what deserves to describe the atmosphere you get when doing an outdoor wedding. Hiring a band that specializes in singing typical songs or memories of you and your partner when love first started, is a great option. It would be great if the band team were your friends. 

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