The types of pumps that exist today are very diverse, each type of pump even though the core of the function and shape are the same, that is, to move fluids from one point to another. But there are some things that differentiate between one type of pump and another. One of them is the so-called submersible pump.


Using a submersible pump in addition to being relatively easy is also quite profitable. Here are some of the benefits to be gained:

  • Has a slightly lower electrical power. That is why this pump is suitable as a solar water pump.
  • Being self-priming, it means that there is no need for liquid filling or air extraction from the system before use. Because when operating or not the system is fully filled with water.
  • Able to generate considerable water discharge.
  • Because it is completely immersed in water, the pump is not susceptible to cavities. Of course this cavity will be a serious problem for other types of pumps.
  • The installation process of this one product took no place.
  • Because the installation system is submerged, in this case immersed in water, the sound produced by this pump becomes muted, as a result it does not emit a noisy, or noisy sound.


There are advantages and there will definitely be disadvantages. Here are some of the disadvantages of submersible pumps, among others:

  • These submersible pumps are sometimes not easily accessible, during routine inspections, or even when the maintenance process arrives. Given its position inside the well it will be difficult to remove and reinsert it. This means that maintenance should be done regularly, so it can be stopped and can only be replaced when the product is damaged.
  • Since this one pump is immersed in water, it is prone to corrosion. This is what sometimes makes it difficult to use in handling liquids that are corrosive and abrasive. But this can be overcome with the use of high quality materials that are anti-rust so that the life of the pump is longer.
  • In terms of price, it is quite high, compared to the non-submersible type.

To deal with unwanted things, we recommend that the pump be checked at certain time intervals. Of course this is done to prolong the life of the pump itself. In addition, we recommend that you use a quality type of pump so that the pump can last longer. In addition, to increase the durability of the pump, you must use additional safety. There is nothing wrong with using some additional accessories such as well water sensors, tandon sensors, extra fuses, and other safety accessories.

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