The failure of ordinary air compressors is mainly divided into several types, including insufficient volume of air compressor, abnormal pressure, abnormal operation of the power, high temperature of the engine, and even combustion of explosives. During daily operation and use, impurities, dust, and so on enter the air compressor, or parts of the exhaust air compressor, which may lead to failure. Depending on the specific problem, the cause of the damage is analyzed, and strategies for resolving the fault can be found in a targeted way to maintain normal and stable operation of the air compressor.

First of all, the air compressor pressure is abnormal and the exhaust gas is depleted due to the use of parts. The parts are worn during the long-term collision process, and the gap between the parts increases, causing changes in displacement and pressure. .

Second, the difficulty of starting an air compressor is generally due to the monitoring of the device being unable to operate normally. After the monitoring device is abnormal, the air compressor cannot be operated, which makes the air compressor difficult to start.


Finally, abnormal heat and cold on the surface of the air compressor, explosion, etc. are due to failure of the cooling system. The cooling system cannot function normally, and the normal temperature of the air compressor surface cannot be maintained, causing the air compressor to overheat or explode.

To truly solve the problem of air compressor failure, it needs to be studied and discussed from the basic aspects of air compressor design and production. In the design of the air compressor, in accordance with the industrial production requirements and the construction industry, the requirements of the air compressor also vary. If there is a flaw in the design process, or where the actual demand does not match, it will lead to daily life. Air compressor during operation failed.

In addition, the function of the air compressor in the daily operation process must be properly managed. In many air compressor faults, explosions and burns pose the greatest threat to the safety of workers’ lives and property. Under normal circumstances, after damage to the cooling system, the temperature of the compressor cannot be regulated within a reasonable distance. Temperatures rose and there was an accident. Regardless of the occurrence of any failure, it is largely due to unscientific design, improper management, and inadequate maintenance and repair work. Therefore, to prevent failure of the air compressor, maintenance and repair must be done from several angles

In general, the incidence of air compressor failure is related to irregular use and poor maintenance system. The use of specifications can extend the life of the air compressor and reduce the frequency of failure of the air compressor. The sound recovery system can detect problems in the operation of the air compressor early, and take the appropriate action to kill the problem in the swing, preventing further deterioration.

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