Plate heat exchanger malaysia is a type of heat exchanger that uses metal plates sealed with gaskets to transfer heat between a hot fluid with a cold fluid. Liquid flowing through the PHE channels experiences turbulent flow at low velocities producing high heat transfer efficiency and low fouling which results in smaller and a compact unit. A PHE has wide industrial applications especially in HVAC, oil and gas, power generation, edible oil etc.

  • Working Principle of PHE

A plate heat exchanger consists of a frame, which consists of a front cover,rear (movable) parts, carrying bar, guiding bar, and a number of tie bolts depending on the type of the plate heat exchanger.

  • Plate Structure

The plates are pressed from various materials such as stainless steel to pure titanium with special design which creates turbulence to achieve highest heat transfer rates.

  • Gaskets

Each plate is equipped with a gasket which prevents the medium mixing with each other. Gasket material varies depending on the application, NBR and EPDM is the most commonly used throughout the world for plate heat exchangers.

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