What is Composition?

In short, composition is the technique of placing the subject or element of art in a picture. Proper composition will make a picture more interesting. If you are interested in art, you must know what the elements of art are. Who doesn’t know, these art elements such as lines, colors, textures, shapes, space and many more.

Important to composition?

Important! . It is the composition that distinguishes one picture from another, which distinguishes how high the art value of a picture.

  1. Rule of Third

This is the composition rule that most photographers always use. The trick is to place the subject on the area of ​​the intersecting line. You have to imagine that line yourself, but most cameras now have a setting to display that line, be smart and find it yourself.

  1. Balance

How to place a subject is more or less the same as the Rule of Third, there are only other subjects to balance the main subject.

  1. Lines

Lines are a powerful element, and can have a profound effect on a picture. But we have to be good at placing the line where, if in the right place, the line will act to attract our eyes to see more deeply and appreciate the photo we took.

  1. Symmetry

Unlike the Rule of Third, the subject is placed in the middle to reveal the left and right equations. But the subject must be strong, otherwise the subject will seem to sink.

  1. Depth

Each picture we take is displayed in 2 dimensions. But by playing with the foreground and background, we can create depth or depth that will make the photos we take are 3 dimensional. The simple sentence is “not flat”.

  1. Framing

You can use the surrounding objects to isolate the main subject from the environment. Like the picture above, subjects are separated using blurred left and right subjects.

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