CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine is a machine that is controlled by incorporating numeric programs. This machine represents the development of technology not only in the communications and computer industry.

The benefits of using cnc

  • Increase productivity

With this machine, an operator is capable of producing large scale goods. The products they produce can also be uniform, using one program. So it’s more effective in production.

  • Avoid work accidents due to human error

With this machine, it doesn’t need a lot of operators to operate one machine. So the chance of errors due to human error can be reduced.

  • Save production costs

This machine is able to save on production costs. Because the residual waste produced is less than conventional production. In addition, it does not require a lot of operators to run one machine, so the cost required is not too much.

  • Have a high level of accuracy (precision)

This machine can be used to make objects with a high degree of accuracy. Making it easier for operators to carry out quality control.

  • More durable than manual machines

Because the error rate on this machine is lower than manual machines. The age of this machine is somewhat more durable than manual machines.

  • Reducing scrap or waste production

Because the residual waste produced is less than manual machines. So that the waste produced is not too much.

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