All of you feel that it’s true you haven’t used your air compressor at home or in their respective workshops? Maybe you’ve been wrong in using or treating your compressor yourself. Try to read our article on how to use the correct compressor according to international standard safety guidelines.

This will certainly help you to work better and protect yourself from work accidents. Besides that, this can also affect the performance and life of the compressor you have. For that we have to learn how to use the right compressor, guys.

But before we discuss how to use the correct compressor in accordance with international standards. First, we will try to provide information to you about the use of compressors that are commonly used by most people.

Maybe this information can be an additional knowledge for all of you to be wiser and understand the usefulness of compressors out there. So what are the uses of compressors that are commonly used in Indonesia in particular, here are some examples of applications that use compressor power:

  • Cleaning, so air compressors are commonly used to spray air on objects such as motors, machines and others. This is done to clean the surface of the object from the dust and water remaining on the surface of the object.
  • Painting, or it can also be called painting, uses a compressor to get a flatter result and the process can be faster.
  • Air Pump, or the cool language, fills the wind Of course you already know about this application. Usually used to fill the air on vehicle tires, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled types.
  • Transportation, for transportation needs, it usually requires a special type of compressor that you can’t find in workshops in general. Its use is usually applied to automatic doors, brakes on buses and trains, and others.
  • Food and Beverage Processing, for use in this field, usually also uses a special compressor that can be used for the packaging or wrapping process of food, filling food in packaging to make it faster and more precise. Then it is also widely used for pressing in the manufacture of food plastic itself.

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