Currently, work such as makeup artist and stylist has become very popular. However, even modern women, who are accustomed to looking fashionable, feel that it is their job to know how to deal with cosmetics, as well as having specialized home furnishings, which will facilitate the process of mentoring. Often their choices fall on the professional make-up table, used by their famous stars and make-up artists. This furniture will not only be an indispensable tool that will provide the right process for applying make-up, but will also be the most stylish and attractive addition to the interior of the room.

Types of dressing table:

Many big brands offer their customers an amazing selection of table designs that will decorate any room and make the process of keeping themselves as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. No matter where the table is used – in the living room or at home, – one can distinguish their classification according to different parameters.

  1. Plastic. Tables from this material are usually purchased by professional makeup artists for purely artistic purposes. Such models are the most accessible, as well as the simplest, since all unwanted effects can be easily cleaned from the surface with wet cloth. However, they are less durable and are prone to mechanical damage.
  2. Particle board. The most common materials for cabinet furniture, including in the mid-price segment. Such models typically have acrylic or laminated sputtering, or shiny surfaces.
  3. Wood. Products of the whole range are more expensive, but they look very luxurious and expensive. Usually, wooden make-up tables are used to decorate the bedroom, so they are purchased in one design and pallets with other furniture in the room.
  4. Glass. It is not inferior to the practicality of the plastic model, but it is not suitable for use in the dressing room because the surface is smooth. Recently, a special version of the rooms decorated in the modern style utilized variations on the surface of the mirror, which effectively interacted with additional light sources, diffused light.
  5. Metal. Counterfeit goods are a major decoration in the interior. They are often used in nightclubs or barroom dressing rooms, maintaining a general atmosphere of simplicity and confidence.

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