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Melaka state is a relatively small state compared to other states in Malaysia. this country is a popular tourist destination. The average place of attraction in Melaka is more famous for its historic destinations as well as the unique structure of the building. This historic city is recognized by UNESCO and internationally as one of the world heritage cities as there are many high historical places. There are many interesting places to visit.

Places of interest can be visited

  • submarine museum
  • The stadthuys
  • Mosque straits
  • Taming Sari Tower
  • Melaka wonderland theme park
  • The pirate adventure – Melaka alive
  • Freeport A’famosa outlet village
  • The Orang Utan house
  • The shore oceanarium
  • Muzium cheng ho
  • Melaka skytrex
  • Maritime Museum

It will be an unforgettable drive through the countryside, a view that will hold your memory for a while. This is an educational opportunity for you to learn a lot about Malaysia and build a city culture.

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