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From Scandinavian to contemporary dining set, grabit can help to upgrade your dining area from basic to luxurious.  Grabit always believe that a family that eats together stays together!


You can even design your our dining sets by mixing and matching the pieces or even alter the furniture to fit your style! They offer breakfast height, bar counter height dining sets and will take custom requests. Durability is a key characteristic as many people who spend a lot of time at the table. Hence many of the solid wood dining sets are the best choice in Malaysia.

dining-set-malaysia-3Grabit also offer durable yet lighter wood such as Teakwood. Moreover, their dining sets have finishing that makes it easy to clean and maintain so you do not have to worry about pesky stains. Most dining sets can seat from four to eight people at a time.

Tired of the table and chair set?
Why not go for table and bench combinations! They also offer various material including, wood, fabric and leather. With in-house carpenters can craft and dining set and deliver to any part of Malaysia. Shop now for your dining set by visiting


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