How To Clean Your Contact Lens Case Properly

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If you wear contacts, you’re undoubtedly aware of how important it is to keep your lenses clean. However, this does not always imply that you are taking all of the essential precautions to guarantee clean lenses. Many contact lens wearers fail to clean their contact cases and have no notion when they should be replaced. The CDC discovered that more than 99 percent of contact wearers participate in dangerous behavior, such as failing to clean their contact cases, which can lead to eye infections and even vision loss. Keeping your contacts in a clean case is an important step in maintaining clean lenses and healthy eyes. This article presents straightforward contact case cleaning instructions in this post, so you can discover how often to clean your case and when to discard it. Also answer frequently asked questions regarding cleaning contact lens cases.


Every day, most contact lens wearers make deadly blunders when cleaning their lenses and cases. Even little errors in lens washing might result in dangers such as dry eye, pink eye, corneal infection, and even vision loss. Every day, follow these four simple procedures to keep your contact case clean and ready to use.


After removing your contacts, totally drain your case, leaving no old solution at the bottom. Once utilized, the fluid is no longer sterile and is prone to bacterial development. Bacteria accumulation might cause eye discomfort and infections in your situation. Make certain that you never reuse or “top up” old lens solutions.


Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and dry them with a lint-free cloth before cleaning your case. Your hands contain bacteria and oils that can become deposited in your case, causing eye discomfort or even illnesses such as pink eye.


The rub and rinse procedure is ideal for keeping your contact lens case clean, just like your contact lenses. Squirt a tiny quantity of multipurpose contact solution into the case and massage any deposits away with the tip of your finger. Remove the solution from the case and rinse with a spray of multipurpose solution to remove any remaining particles. To clean your case, never use anything other than a multipurpose contact solution. Remember to wipe the caps!


Finally, let your case air dry entirely before sealing it for protection. Placing your case face down on a clean paper towel is the best method to air-dry it. This allows surplus solution to drain while also keeping the interior of your case clean of any foreign particles in the air. Once dry, seal with the caps and store in a cool, dry place.

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