5 Ideas on making your maid love your kids

Nearly each Filipino maid agency has received complaints of child abuse by a maid from parents, and this is how it is throughout the world. Most times when these maids are interrogated, their actions end up being as a result of frustration vented on the kids because of the parents’ misdemeanors. There have been occasions where employers beat up their maids; the maid will have no choice but to transfer the aggression to the kids of the employers. Meanwhile, this action is not justifiable, reliable Malaysian maid agencies have come together to consider the main reason for child abuse from few Malaysian maids and how to correct such a grave wrong, and the following ideas can help make your maid love your kids like theirs.

1) Correct your maid politely

There are occasions whereby, your maid in Malaysia will make mistakes and it’s not a bad idea to correct them. However, it’s not ideal to tell at them or curse under your breath or use f-word while correcting them. Treat them like you’re treating a colleague, correct them the same way.

2) Make your children respect your maid

Children’s minds are tabula-rasas. It’s what you inscribe to them that they have and probably remains there forever. Consequently, it is advisable that you make your children respect the maid. When they finish eating, the maid should not necessarily pack the plates. Teach them to do that sometimes too.

3) Involve them in certain family matters

Your maids in Malaysia are humans, and it would be quite ironical to dehumanize them because you have employed them to take care of your family. Thus, you need to make them feel important. Make them feel valuable by involving them in celebration, advice as regards what to cook and let her enjoy herself on such occasions. Sometimes you can even buy them wears of the same outlook and quality with yours. The love will be generously poured back on you and your kids like water from a broken dam.

4) Eat with them on the dining table

This may seem too trivial, but humans generally are designed to observe little gestures than loud talks and melodrama. Eating the same kind of food at the same dining table and moment says a lot about your relationship with your Filipino maid. When some Philippine maids review dealing with their employers with joy to a maid agent in Malaysia, this is what happens the most.

5) Help your kids to help the helper

Sometimes when you’re around, you can guide your children on putting things in order. A toy should not be on the table, tell one of your children that owns the toy to put it where it belongs, tell them to put their shoes on the stack or tuck it in the rack once they’re back from school. Guide them to greet the maid in Malaysia as soon as they greet you. This way, you’re implicitly telling them that the maid is just as human as they are, nothing different, and the kids will be so much loved.

In conclusion, let your kids know that the maid has hers too and she can even bring them to play together sometimes. This is another proper way of planting love between your kids and the maid from Malaysia or elsewhere and the little seeds will germinate to a giant tree of love in the family.

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