Pastry Bakery School Malaysia


Pastry is one of the knowledge in food processing and serving, especially processing and serving various types of cakes. Patiseri comes from the French language “pậtisserie” which means cakes.

Thus pastry can be interpreted as science that studies the ins and outs of cakes both continental, oriental and Malaysia cakes ranging from preparation, processing to presentation.

  • Pastry in the world of hospitality is one of the f & b product departments whose job is to make various cakes and desserts for the purposes of pastry corner, breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch & dinner.
  • Bakery in the world of hospitality is one part of pastry whose job is to make various breads for the needs of pastry corners, breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch & dinner.

The scope of the pastry

Pastry is divided into two, namely oriental cakes and continental cakes. Malaysia cakes include oriental cakes, while those including continental cakes are yeast products, breads, cakes and icings, cookies, pastries, cream, pudding, frozen desserts, candy.

The difference between continental and oriental cakes is that the fat used. Continental cakes generally use solid fats such as margarine, butter and shortening. Oriental cakes generally use liquid fat, such as coconut milk and oil.

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