Plate Heat Exchanger Malaysia

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Plate Heat Exchanger is a device that acts as a heat exchanger that uses a metal plate to transfer heat between two fuels. The great advantage of using a plate heat exchanger is that it is a good conventional heat exchanger. Good heat transfer capability will increase the speed of temperature change. The concept behind this heat exchanger is the use of a plate that can be used as a hold for hot or cold fluid, a fluid that transfers its heat to another fluid by flushing a plate filled with another fluid. In most cases, an exchanger is made up of a fluid-filled plate that passes through a fluid-filled space. Plate walls are usually made of metal, or other substance with high heat conductivity, to facilitate exchange, while the outer case is made of plastic or coated with thermal insulation, to prevent heat escaping from the exchanger. The steam heat exchanger solution allows heat to escape from the primary heat source, to become a secondary fluid without direct contact

Plate Heat Exchanger Performance

Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) serves as the heating or cooling system of a production system. Although there are several other systems, from the field experience it can be concluded that PHE has good heat transfer and demand compared to other systems, one of the real examples is that in the candy industry, PHE systems are used as hard candy heaters to print , with the use of the PHE system, the resulting candy is much clearer than other heating systems. This brief discussion focuses on the PHE Gasket (Seal PHE). Out of all the components in the PHE system, the PHE Gasket is the most frequently replaced component, since every PHE demolition of most of the PHE Gasket is obsolete due to deformation (shear).

Types of Plate Heat Exchanger

The industry-leading Heat Exchanger plates can be grouped into two types:

  • Glue Type

This type of glue requires glue to attach the gasket to the plate. The glue used should be the glue that has good heat resistance.

  • Clip On

On the exterior of this type of gasket are clip-clips, so that during installation they can simply attach the clips to the holes on the plate. Installation of this type of gasket is simpler and simpler compared to glue type.

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