Portrait Photography KL

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6 tips for taking portrait photography

  • Location selection

Choose a good and attractive location. While some may say, photography experts can produce images anywhere, they are always contextual. In fact, we also need to emphasize comfort. To work all day in the hot weather, no toilet facilities and so on, may not be for everyone.

  • Lens Selection

Portraits do not have to be 50mm. We can use 200mm, sometimes even 10mm to get the image. Depending on the kind of picture we need. Also important is aperture selection, sometimes we need f11, sometimes we need f / 2. Basically, you need to be prepared for your efforts, and know the alternatives to every emergency situation.

  • Flash or additional studio lights

Lights are close friends of the photographers. Although we can capture available light throughout the day, but with additional lighting, our creativity can be doubled. Learn techniques for using flash, lighting, broad light, short light, key light, accent lighting and more. You will improve your knowledge and be able to produce better work. When shooting in harsh sun conditions, you need an additional source of light with high power. High GN flashlights, or studio lights with portable battery back can help.

  • Clothing

The subject’s clothing is also important. Color plays the role of contrast in the image. Depending on the context of the image you want to create, the choice of clothing is also important.

  • Recording angle

The angle you choose, the background you choose, and what you put in the frame, will have an impact on how the viewer receives your picture.

  • Moods and poses

The entire selection of light, shadow, shape, pose and color choices will have an impact on the audience in accepting your work. Learn proper posing techniques, and pose your subject well. Your job is easier if you work with a skilled model

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