Remote Controll Wall Fan and Ceiling Fan


Wall fan

The wall fan differs from the ceiling fan as it is a fan in closed cages to prevent blades from being exposed to late people and to prevent injury. Wall fans are usually mounted to the wall and around the eye level and are designed to twist back and forth over the air from one corner of the room to the other. Sometimes wall fans are left from their wall wall and instead placed on the ground or on the table for easy control. Controls for speed and various movements are found on the side or on top of wall fans.

Compared to ceiling fans, wall fans are less efficient. Although they use the same amount of electricity as a traditional ceiling fan, they often have less power and can not replace the air as a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fan is a fan installed on your ceiling and extends down into the room. These fans are becoming increasingly popular when it is found that it is cheaper to cool the room with a ceiling fan than with air conditioning. Both ceiling fans and wall fans work by moving a large amount of air over the skin to help accelerate sweating, thus cooling down your body.

Ceiling fans are able to move more air than traditional wall fans as they are mounted on a room compared to

one side of the room. By allowing airflow through the whole room opposite one side of the room, the room can be cooled more evenly.

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