One of the important parts of financial planning is PLANNING RETIREMENT. Because of the importance of planning for retirement, the government through the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) plays a major role in managing part of the workforce for the elderly.

However, you cannot give up the whole role of planning retirement. You have to know, understand and how to do it yourself.

Many failed to plan their retirement. Take a look at this newspaper clip. Almost RM500 million is withdrawn from EPF savings for medical purposes. Not only that, about 72% of retirees spend their EPF savings within 3 years of retirement.

What’s the problem with failing to plan for retirement?

  • You have to rely on the kids. Even if the kids are capable and good.
  • You’ll be poor

Why do you need to plan your retirement?

  • have enough money to spend the rest of their life after retirement
  • does not make other people’s lives difficult (kids if there is & can be)
  • have medical access (old age is a lot of pain)
  • loved by people around (there’s money, life can be self-reliant)
  • refrain from sending them to the home of the elderly
  • enjoy your retirement age with a wonderful vacation
  • can concentrate on worship

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