Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Your Entire House

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Spring cleaning is a long-held cultural, religious, and historical custom. Whether or not you and your family agree to the ideas and practices that support this centuries-old ritual, your desire to spring clean taps into a time-honored, passed-down habit.

Spring cleaning is also linked to the tradition of keeping winter dwellings warm and illuminated with fires and kerosene. These methods filled buildings with soot and filth, which was unavoidable as people huddled against the harsh winter, but which had to be cleaned eventually (needless to say). Warm weather and longer days meant that occupants could cease producing soot and that windows could be opened to air out the house while they washed all that actual darkness away.

Spring cleaning has become so ingrained in our culture that even if we don’t do it because of a long winter of burning coal, we still feel the need to open our windows and remove all the long-settled dust and grime from our homes. We seek a fresh start as we embrace warmer days and golden beams of sun that tempt blossoms from barren trees. Spring cleaning provides us with it.

Why is Spring Cleaning Important?

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to reset your house. It’s an opportunity to catch up on all the cleaning jobs you’ve been intending to complete or to complete those that have been bothering you. Instead of lying awake wondering when you last cleaned your mattress, spring cleaning is the motivation you need to get it done and get the thought out of your brain. Furthermore, rigorous cleaning once a year prevents larger problems, such as mold growth in your grout. You can remove dust and filth from places where a vacuum cleaner attachment’s nozzle is rarely seen. By the end of spring cleaning, your house will feel so fresh and clean—a condition of habitation that will serve you well, both mentally and physically.

Spring cleaning is also an excellent time to ensure that some maintenance jobs that only need to be done once or twice a year are completed. When these duties are linked to spring cleaning, you are more likely to remember to complete them. Some of these procedures, such as polishing and sealing granite, make a significant impact in the longevity, utility, and appearance of your property. Others, like cleaning out your dryer, are dangerous.

When Should You Begin Your Spring Cleaning?

There are two possible answers to this question: Subjectively, you should begin spring cleaning when you see a new-start spring freshness in the warm afternoon winds. When you start wanting to fling up the windows and wonder how the deck furniture is doing beneath its covers, you know spring cleaning is approaching. Embracing the sense of newness that comes with the season anchors you in the uplifting attitude of rebirth, allowing you to clean with purpose and momentum.

Objectively, you should begin spring cleaning when you have a full day or two available in your calendar to dedicate to the work. This might be the weekend for many people. Keep your weekend or day free to devote to providing your house the love and care it needs so that it can love and care for you. Although it may be tempting to stretch out spring cleaning duties over a longer period of time, keeping the endeavor focused concentrates your efforts and pays off with that squeaky-clean-house sensation that only spring cleaning can provide.

How Do I Begin Spring Cleaning in My Home?

Spring cleaning is a beautiful idea, but it will not occur in your home until you do it. It takes a few stepping stones to get from “that’s a fantastic concept; I should do that” to really spring cleaning. First, resolve to spring clean and notify someone so that you are held accountable. This may be your husband, your flatmate, your mother who lives across the country, your Facebook buddies, or anybody else. However, making your pledge public will help you keep it.

Make a plan next. When it comes to motivating you to act, the specifics don’t matter. However, having a basic outline of what you’ll do, whether it’s a room-by-room list of what needs to be done or a whole-home checklist of activities you want to complete, gives weight to your goals and works as a map to get you where you want to go: a spring cleaned (past tense) house.

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