Inevitably, the development of the digital era makes the marketing concept develop. This development gave rise to various business strategies that lead to digital concepts. Not a few business people have changed their marketing concept from conventional to digital. Business people or businesses need to immediately jump into the world of digital marketing (digital marketing) for the sake of their business continuity.

In running a business, you are not the only business actor that exists. There are many competitors out there who run various types of businesses that may be the same as yours. So it becomes necessary to master competitive intelligence that can be useful in the world of digital marketing.

Then, what is competitive intelligence? Competitive intelligence can be said to be the ability to collect, analyze, and use information gathered from competitors, customers, and market elements that contribute to a competitive business advantage. Competitive intelligence is also commonly known as corporate intelligence.

Talking about digital marketing, surely you are already familiar with one of the marketing media, namely social media. The existence of social media can be one that can help your business strategy in running digital marketing.

Well, you can take advantage of social media to help gain competitive intelligence by using social media analytics. Social media analytics is an approach to collect data from social media and evaluate that data as a basis for making business decisions.

The following is the role of social media analytics in competitive intelligence that you need to know:

Help understand the sources of costs

By utilizing social media analytics, companies can collect information from social media users through comments, feedback, blogs, and even interactions between customers that can help distinguish the source of costs.

Examples of identifiable costs are shipping costs, maintenance costs, or customer service costs. This information can help companies distinguish high or low costs between competitors.

Provide location-based services

Based on the research that has been done, social media analytics can provide information about location-based services. This information will show the different habits, tastes, and preferences in each different location.

This helps the company improve its business strategy to be able to compete with competitors. Companies can develop their marketing strategies based on location and set prices, products, and promotions according to the target audience.

Improve supply-chain management

In supply-chain management, social media analytics improves at least three aspects. The first aspect relates to demand planning and inventory management. Social media analytics can help identify products or services that customers are interested in and most likely to buy.

The second aspect relates to supply-chain operations. Real-time data obtained from social media through blogs, comments, product reviews, and group discussions can produce information about events or factors that will affect the supply chain process.

The third aspect is directly related to supply-chain management. Information obtained from social media can be combined with information from other sources such as customer transactions. This can improve your company’s supply-chain efficiency.

Now, after understanding the three roles of social media analytics in competitive intelligence above, it would be nice for you to start using a social media platform that fits your business. Only by processing the information obtained from social media can you be superior in competing with other competitors.

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