Types Of Lens

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Lens are the most important accessory on a camera. If you do not have a lens, how do you want to take a picture? The lens determines the quality of the picture you take, not just the camera. If you buy a dslr that costs RM10 thousand, but if the lens is not of good quality, the pictures or images produced by the camera will be fine. The lens acts like an eye, controlling the light that enters the camera through the aperture. There are many types of lenses on the market. Each type of lens has its own special features. Lenses can be divided into several types namely:

Standard Lens

Standard lenses or kitlens are usually in the range of 18-50mm (Canon, Nikon) and 18-70mm (Sony, Minolta). This lens is usually packaged once with a dslr body. Suitable for any type of event whether indoor or outdoor. I want a landscape shot, a portrait shot too. Before you decide to add to the lens collection, make sure you push the lens kit to the limit, I mean use kitlens for any situation. If you think this kitlens is defective, then you buy a new lens to cover the deficiency of kitlens. If you buy it because the member on the other side has a lot of lenses, well it doesn’t matter because later you do not know when to use the appropriate lens according to the situation. It’s a waste.

Ultra / Wide Angle Lens

Wide angle lenses are commonly used for landscape shots in order to capture wider angles. Always used in wedding photography so that the wedding photos and background are more prominent. Examples of wide angle lenses such as sigmga 10-20mm, Tamron 10-24mm and many more, you can search on google. Wide Angle Lens are sometimes called Ultra Wide Lens or UWA. The price of this lens is more expensive than kitlens, around RM1800 and above.

Telephoto / Zoom Lens

Zoom lens is commonly used in sport / action photography like football, so that the football player looks clear and big. Another one you can also use to shoot portraits to get a good bokeh.

Macro Lens

Macro lenses are specially designed to capture images that you need to close up completely. For example, if you want to take a picture of a fly and you want the fly to look big and clear, you have to use a macro lens. The advantage of this macro lens from other lenses is Minimum Focus Distance (MFD). For ordinary lenses, you can not place the lens and the object too close because the lens can not focus on the object.

Prime Lens

Prime lenses are also known as fixed lenses because this type of lens you can not zoom in and zoom out. But the picture quality of the prime lens is very good compared to other lenses. Suitable for portraits because the prime lens produces a very light bokeh. Prime lenses also have a high aperture value up to F1.4, so you can shoot in dark conditions, no need to use flash. There are many types and range of prime lenses, the most popular being the 50mm F1.8. You can buy prime lenses at cheap prices starting from RM350 for 50mm.

Fisheye Lens

In fact, fisheye lenses belong to the Ultra / Wide Angle Lens. The only difference is the curved effect produced by this lens. Usually photographers use landscape shots and creative shots.

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