Committed to passing on this proud tradition, LIANG YUAN ®; an authentic Chinese wedding specialist, supplies a wide range of traditional Chinese wedding costumes, intricate accessories, as well as wedding customary items. A team of professional consultants is also ready to assist couples with costumes selection, traditional wedding customs/procedures and wedding planning.

This is where the fun begins: your personal touches and creativeness to the wedding will set yours apart from the others and it dictates the overall mood of a wedding. LIANG YUAN ® offers all-range of products endowing with rich festive and auspicious value. Not only that, we could even make-to-order that has a reflection of the couple.

Flower balls are commonly used to decorate wedding cars as a symbol of eternal harmony that marks the beginning of a joyous union. As an expert in traditional Chinese weddings,

LIANG YUAN ® offers brides and grooms traditional flowers balls that are made from fabric, each flower ball features a concise and intricate design that is unique and sophisticated.

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