To make things look more elegant, you can place some ornamental antiques in the conference room and in the reception area. If you have a good budget to support your commercial office decoration ideas, you can use beautiful lighting and decorate the walls with colorful paintings. The corners of different rooms can be decorated with different kinds of arts and crafts, sea shells, gift items and many other things.

In order to make the maximum use of available space, the office furniture used should occupy very little office space and at the same time create a feeling of cleanliness. Among the various furniture that can be used are credenzas, file cabinets, tables, hydraulic chairs and more.

If there is a walking corridor, it can be decorated with ornamental plants. Sufficient light and air circulation through windows are needed as it helps one’s mind to think freely and creatively. If the office is large, the safety factor must also be kept in mind. In such cases there should be emergency exits, precautions such as fire extinguishers, alarms to protect against fire accidents.

The reception or living room can be decorated with beautiful bouquets as visitors will be truly impressed by the beautiful aroma and freshness of the flowers.

Office space is like a second home for office workers. Many activities carried out in this room. Of course the room must be made as comfortable as possible to support employee morale. There are some office furniture that you must in the office space because it has an important function. Below are some office furniture and functions that you must know.

You certainly are curious about office furniture and functions that can support employee morale. Therefore, refer directly to some of the main office furniture information that you must have in the office room. Here’s the full information,

  • Office chair

Office chairs are no less important than a work desk. Office chairs must be selected as good as possible so they can make employees comfortable while working. Usually used for office chairs has soft material and has a backrest. Many office chairs also have wheels on the bottom so they are easy to move.

  • Storage cabinets

In the office there are indeed many important files or items related to work. This item or file will be dangerous of course if it is placed in any place then it is lost. Therefore, in the office room there must be a storage cabinet. With the file storage cabinet and items will be safe and the room will look more tidy.

  • Employee Work Desk

The work desk is office furniture and its function is quite a lot, it must be in the work room. Employees can use this table for many things ranging from putting a computer to putting work files. Employee activity also has the highest percentage on this work desk. There are many types of office desks ranging from wood made with lots of drawers to glass-plated ones. You are free to choose according to your needs and budget.

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