What is the function of a plate heat exchanger?

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Gasketed plate heat exchangers are formed by punching a thin metal plate (generally 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm) into a convex-concave shape, and a synthetic rubber sealing gasket is attached to the edge, and each heat transfer plate is a heat transfer unit. The required heat transfer plate is combined into a heat transfer section. When high temperature fluid or low temperature fluid flows through the heat transfer plate to form a flow path, heat exchange is performed, and the heat transfer part is fixed to a fixed plate (frame plate) and moved by the upper and lower rods. Between the plates (playing plate, extruded plate) and fastened with long bolts.

  1. Heat transfer plate: Heat transfer plate is the first heat exchange element of plate heat exchanger. Usually, the wavy shape is made into a herringbone shape. According to different liquid media, heat transfer plates have different materials. Most are made of stainless steel and titanium.

  2. Sealing gasket: Plate heat exchanger gasket is mainly the sealing function between the heat exchange plate. It includes nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, fluorine rubber according to different media.

  3. Pressure plates at both ends: Pressure plates at both ends are mainly clamped overall heat transfer plates to ensure that the liquid medium does not leak.

  4. Clamping bolts: Clamping bolts are mainly used to tighten pressure plates at both ends. Bolt locking is usually a two -end thread. When the bolts are preheated, the torque on the fixing plate is the same.

  5. Shelf: The first is to support the heat exchange plate to make it easy to disassemble, clean and install.

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