Metal roofs are made of sheets of steel to be patterned (zinc roof is one of metal roof). It is widely used in commercial buildings such as factories. However, it is now the trend of new homes with this type of roof. This time, I want to share the advantages and disadvantages of this metal roof so that those of you who want to renovate the house can do an initial assessment.

  1. It can last up to 50 years. So you don’t need to change the roof in the near future.
  2. Do not grow moss and erode like the roof of a common type.
  3. Lighter than other roof types. So, you don’t need to design a complex home structure to support this metal roof.
  4. Lots of pattern and color options on the market. In addition, it is easy to make custom made with your roof design (the most commonly used pattern is the roof-like pattern).
  5. Easy to install and maintain. Take a moment to install this type of roof and if it leaks, just replace the roof sheet. No need to change the whole roof.

The disadvantage of metal roofs:

  1. Noise when it rains. It can interfere with your sleep if it rains at night (to minimize noise due to thick sound insulation).
  2. If there is no heat-resistant insulation, your home will heat up quickly and it may be that electricity bills will rise when frequent aircond are caused by this situation.
  3. Prices are uncertain, as steel is imported much abroad. So, prices follow market trends. It can be expensive, it can be cheap.

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